Why Donating is Good for Your Soul

Why Donating is Good for Your Soul

Donating is good for your soul and makes you feel a better human being when you do.  Every new year, we make a brand new resolution of doing something that is good or beneficial for our own persona.  Most of us choose actions to improve our health, financial and job prospects, personal or love situations.  Although all those resolutions are good and worth making a firm commitment for, how about enriching your soul while doing good to others?

Donating is an act of love. Sometimes, donating to others may mean giving back what you have taken all along which has helped you become the person you are today. As you can see, donating is an excellent way to give back to the community all the benefits you have received from it, and while doing so, you also enrich your soul and broaden your love for the fellow people around you, and why not, for your own planet as well.

Choose a Charity and Run with It

When making a resolution to donate, the act of donating should be driven by a cause you firmly believe in.  A cause you know deep down will keep you wanting to contribute to and keep you thrilled to make a difference about on a continuous basis. That is why choosing a charity to donate to is the best way to channel your act of love.  Once you have chosen your charity, get to know it, learn what it does, how it does it, or be part of it by volunteering.  When you choose a charity you believe in or relate to the causes it supports, you will feel content every time you contribute to their mission.  So, choose a charity and run with it because donating is good for your soul!

Donating is Not Only About Money

Since donating is an act of love, it is not about donating money only.  Showing your care to a charity can be done in many ways and at multiple levels.  You can donate your expertise and knowledge, your time, and of course, money.  All charities are in constant need and heavily depend on the generosity of their volunteers. Volunteers are essential in running the operations of a charity and reaching its fundraising goals.  Be part of their volunteer list and help out with your expertise or time whenever it fits your schedule.

Donating is good for the soul

What’s an Appropriate Amount to Give to Charity

What is appropriate to give to charity is a question that many of us ask ourselves when we decide to make a cash donation. According to Money Magazine, and based on charitable contribution deductions filed with the Internal Revenue Service, a range from 3% – 5% of their yearly income is what most people donate a year.  Whether that percentage works or not for you, it is really up to you to figure out based on your financial situation.  Setting aside a percentage or amount for charity, however large or small, makes a difference because every penny counts. When you give, you get doble return because you feel blissful, generous and unselfish knowing that you are helping others less fortunate.

Furthermore, donating is good for your soul because it keeps you connected with your community, with people who care and are committed to making a difference for their fellow people and their planet.  It also reminds you to count your blessings and feel grateful for what you have.

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