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Our Goal And Mission

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Our group will function as a vehicle to raise funds in creative ways in order to benefit existing charity programs and organizations that serve the DC area Latino community, so they can sustain and further expand their programs.

We are also committed to instill in the Latino younger generations, the act of giving and serving to their own heritage community.  We want to encourage our children to be active participants in programs and initiatives that not only empower and enrich our community, but also in the simple spirit of giving and enlightening with hope.

Latinas 4 Latinas will raise funds through 1-2 major events throughout the year.  The large events will encompass a more serious production and social platform that would require the full participation and commitment of its members and registered volunteers.  It is in these events where Latinas 4 Latinas will bring together the talents, service, commitment and support of the Latino community.

Latinas 4 Latinas will also participate as volunteers on selective and already established yearly events by other non-profit organizations by calling and engaging all Latino families to participate.

No one has ever become poor by giving

Your donation reflects love and compassion for others. It does not take large amounts of money to provide basic needs to those in need…one dollar at a time can make a difference.
Please give and donate to Latinas 4 Latinas