Wear It Pink to Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer

Wear It Pink to Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer

Wear it Pink has become the motto for the month of October,  the pink month, dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer.  The statistic that one out of 8 women will get breast cancer during her lifetime is mind-blowing!  This high incidence makes early detection a key to improving the chances of a cure, and it becomes an effective tool against breast cancer.  ​Even more frightening though is the thought that all the medically underserved women who will not be able to get access to medical treatment or preventive care are, indeed, also part of this statistic.

At Latinas 4 Latinas, we wear it pink during October as we are very aware of this situation and have come to learn through Nueva Vida that many women are medically underserved in our beloved metro city of Washington, DC. These women, many of which are Latinas, do not have the means to get a clinical breast exam, buy a wig, transportation to see a doctor, or go to an educational workshop about the disease.  In light of this reality, we recently launched a complementary campaign to raise some funds to help these women get a few things they need to get them started on the right path, be it for preventing care, medical treatment, and/or post-treatment.

Wear it Pink – What Your Cash Donation Will Facilitate

As little as $20 can make a big difference in the life of any of these medically underserved Latino women.  Many of them rely on Nueva Vida to help them navigate through the healthcare system, from transporting them to the doctor for initial checkup and diagnosis, or preventive care, to the very last steps of recovery like bringing them to group therapy.  Take a few seconds to review this list of 6 ways that your cash contribution can facilitate acquire for these women.  Clicking the image below will take you directly to the Paypal donation webpage or clicking the “Facilitate Now” button. When you do that, you will wear it pink too!

Wear it Pink What Your Cash Donation Will Facilitate to Medically Underserved Women with Cancer

Wear it Pink – Watch This Short Video

We are very grateful to all our donors who have demonstrated a generous heart and have contributed to this cause already.  If you have not, this is a great chance to show your support to these women.  Watch this video and then drop a few dollars to get them what they need, and, by the way, hope is one of them!

Wear it Pink – World Fight Against Breast Cancer from Latinas 4 Latinas on Vimeo.

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