N.E.D.  The Movie – Coming Soon in March!

N.E.D. The Movie – Coming Soon in March!

Latinas 4 Latinas is happy to announce that we got exclusive rights for a private screening of N.E.D. – the Movie.  This is a documentary that every single woman should watch as it  will change the way you ask questions to your OBGYN.  Tens of thousands of women are diagnosed every year with a GYN cancer. Nearly one in three will die. Every hour, approximately ten women are diagnosed with one of the five major below the belt cancers: cervical, ovarian, uterine (endometrial), vulvar and vaginal.

Survivors often say, ‘I didn’t know.’ What they didn’t know are the signs and symptoms of GYN cancers. That’s why Spark Media produced No Evidence of Disease.

N.E.D . The Movie Synopsis

Six GYN cancer surgeons take on the Big C with Rock ‘n’ Roll. Their patients become the band’s most ardent fans. Below the belt cancers and a below the radar cause enter the spotlight. The result: NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE, an intimate, humorous, and inspiring documentary from award-winning Spark Media .

Watch the Trailer of N.E.D. – The Movie

The private screening will take place early March 2018.  Details coming so stay tuned!

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