Latinas 4 Latinas in Support of Nueva Vida in 2017

Latinas 4 Latinas in Support of Nueva Vida in 2017

This year, Latinas 4 Latinas is raising funds for Nueva Vida. We are very excited to offer our support because we are convinced that Nueva Vida does make an immense difference through their patient navigation programs in the fields of GYN health in minority, low-income, young and older Latin women’s lives, women who are often medically underserved. Nueva Vida is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated solely to lend an unconditional hand to these women’s and their families.

Latinas 4 Latinas in Support of Nueva Vida in 2017The navigating medically underserved Latino women through the cancer continuum breast health program at Nueva Vida educates DC Metropolitan area Latinas, and refer them to low-cost or free mammograms and clinical breast exams in their own communities. This vital program is the foundation of Nueva Vida’s mission to support, inform, and empower Latino families whose lives are affected by cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in the United States. While advances have been made in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure, early detection still affords the best opportunity for successful treatment. Programs such as Nueva Vida help ensure that all women of low-income have access to early detection information and options, even poor and medically underserved women.

As you can image, we are more than thrilled to support Nueva Vida.  Any funds we raise for Nueva Vida will contribute to provide high quality services in the areas of cancer prevention and detection to the underserved Latino community. Breast Cancer is also the leading cause of cancer deaths in Latinas in the United States so this fight is also ours.

We invite to watch this video on the impact Nueva Vida has in our community:

No community-based non-profit organization can survive without the goodwill, compassion and generosity of the greater community.  Together with you, we can empower these medically underserved women to be informed, get the medical attention that is required for preventive or early detection, and help them navigate through the cancer continuum from diagnosis to treatment to post-treatment group therapies.

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For more information on Nueva Vida and its programs, please call Nueva Vida, Inc., at 202-223-9100 or visit