CONNECT 2018 Sponsors

CONNECT 2018 Sponsors

CONNECT 2018 has been fortunate to count on the generous sponsorships and contributions of national and local businesses.  Our recognition on these pages is a small expression of gratitute and appreciation for their support, solidarity, and true sense of social sensibility towards the area of Washington, D.C. 

An event like CONNECT does not happen miraculously.  It requires the resources and support of many organizations and local businesses to pull it together.  We would like to thank our presenting sponsor, John Jacobs and his production team from Iron Mountain / Crozier / ARTEX for making CONNECT 2018 possible.  Without their know-how, professionalism, technology and generosity, we would not have been able to present this art auction at the quality and workmanship level both the event and cause commanded.

A heartfelt thanks to Mark Ward of PM Exhibits and his staff for their hard work and dedication these past months—we could not have done it without anyone of them.

As you can see this year CONNECT has been fortunate to count on the generous sponsorships and contributions of local and national businesses like MetTel that integrates telecom and technology in innovative ways, or Abt Associates that “moves people from vulnerability to security” and driving real-world impact, or Wines from Mexico who has been committed to make this event a happier by the hour!  Thank you also to our media partners, Zoom Latino and Univision, for documenting our event before and after, to Boone Wellness for keeping our backs in check, and Lebanese Taverna, Macchu Pisco and Inglot USA for making our VIP Meet and Greet possible.

Presenting Sponsor: Iron Mountain | Crozier | Artex

CONNECT 2018 Sponsors

Bronze Sponsor, Benefactor and Supporters

CONNECT 2018 Sponsors

MetTel | Abt | Wines from Mexico | Boone Wellness

BIP Meet and Greet Sponsors

Media Sponsors

CONNECT 2018 Sponsors


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