CONNECT 2018 Participating Artists

CONNECT 2018 Participating Artists

Latinas 4 Latinas is pleased to announce the 58 artists who will participate at CONNECT 2018 Silent Art Auction and Benefit Cocktail Party.  Our admiration for these artists goes beyond their talent! We are humbled by their generosity in donating 50% of the proceeds of the sales of their artwork auctioned at the event.  We are thankful to each and every one of them for their readiness to help and willingness to make a difference in the Washington, D.C. community.

With 107 artworks being auctioned at CONNECT 2018, carefully curated by our wonderful Curator Maria Gabriela “Gaby” Mizes, Latinas 4 Latinas cannot be more excited about our fundraising event on September 22 at the Mexican Cultural Institute.  We would like to highlight that CONNECT 2018 has become a platform not only for established and emerging local and international artists, but also for artists with special needs where they can exhibit their talent and contribute to a noble cause.  Painters, photographers, and sculptors are among the participating artists; Curator’s Office, Make Studio, Reyes+Davis, RoFa Projects, are some of the participating galleries at silent art auction.

CONNECT 2018 Participating Artists

CONNECT 2018 Participating Artists

Cristina Abbate Jacobson

Félix Ángel

Alexandra Arata

Gregory Bannister

Joan Belmar

Lourdes Betancourt

Camilo Bojaca

Melissa Burley

Patricio Calderón

Gerardo Camargo

Hsin-Hsi Chen

Andrew Christenberry

Erika Clark

Rebecca Clark

Irene Clouthier

Mariana Copello

Maria Crovetto

Elsabé Dixon

Bobby Donovan

Cheryl Edwards

Edgar Endress

Adriana Escalante Calderón

Heloisa Escudero

Cristina Ghetti

Eve Hennessa

Linda Hesh

William Hill

Jason Hughes

Maria Karametou

Craig Kraft

Marcelo Larrosa

Pepa León

Amani Lewis

Aaron Philip Maier

José Margulis

Roberta Marroquin

Carolina Mayorga

Stephanie Mercedes

Maggie Michael

Santiago Picatoste

Antonio Pichilla

Fabián H. Ríos Rubio

Reymond Romero

Eduardo Santiere

Daniel Sheinfeld Rodriguez

Margie Smeller

Casey Snyder

Maritza Sosaya

Emily Tellez

Andrei Trach

Fabián Ugalde

Natalia Valera

Santiago Vélez

Santiago Villanueva

Dagmara Weinberg

Alice Whealin

Jordann Wine

Willy Yowaiski

A preview of CONNECT 2018 participating artists and their artwork may be accessed 36 hours before the auction opens to the guests on Handbid, the mobile bidding platform that will be used during the fundraising event.  If you would like to preview and bid on your favorite artist or art piece you fall in love with, you will want to download the Handbid® App that is available at the Apple Store and Google Play.

About CONNECT 2018 by Latinas 4 Latinas

CONNECT Silent Art Auction fundraising & benefit cocktail party brings the D.C.area and the arts community together to support the efforts of Nueva Vida, a non-profit organization that was founded in 1999 to fulfill the growing needs of the medically underserved Latino women affected by cancer in the Washington, D.C. area.  The goal of CONNECT 2018 is to raise $50,000 to help Nueva Vida so that they continue to provide affordable and accessible healthcare, in addition to acting as a moral support to these afflicted women.

At 6:00 pm, Curator Gaby Mizes will be hosting a meet-and-greet and a private tour of the art auction for all VIP ticket holders. The curated selection of 107 artworks represents the work of 58 artists, many of whom will be present.  Thanks to the work of Gaby Mizes, CONNECT 2018 is now a platform not only for established and emerging local and international artists, but also for artists with special needs to exhibit their talent and contribute to a great cause.

Latinas 4 Latinas and Curator Gaby Mizes invite you to a special night that will CONNECT your heart to a noble undertaking and awaken your love for the arts.

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