Raising Funds for Medically Underserved Latin Women with Cancer in the DC Area

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Raising Funds for Medically Underserved Latin Women with Cancer in the DC Area

Help us raise funds for the medically underserved Latin women with cancer in the DC area.  By raising funds, Nueva Vida, a community-based non-profit organization dedicated solely to helping out poor or low-income women with cancer,  can continue to provide them with patient navigation through the complex healthcare system from the moment they are diagnosed to acquired proper treatment to post-treatment with group therapy.

Imagine that you have no health insurance, no family in town or accessible friends nearby, and you are diagnosed with cancer! Your world is turned upside down and you feel alone, with no money and helpless.  These women come to Nueva Vida for hope and help.
Donate as little as $2.  Your cash donation can make a big difference in these women’s lives.  The more we receive, the more Nueva Vida can help these unpriviledged women.  Check out what accumulated cash donations can get them:


– $20 – supports transportation costs to see a medical provider.
– $80 – finds clinical breast exam consultation.
– $90 – buys a wig.
– $100 – funds (partly) a mental health support group.
– $150 – pays for a pap-smear test.
– $300 – funds a cancer related educational workshop.
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Every Share Can Raise $37

Your Cash Donation Will Facilitate

Transportation to a Doctor

$ 20

Clinical Breast Exam

$ 80

Buying a Wig

$ 90

Group Therapy

$ 100

Pap-Smear Test

$ 150

Educational Workshop

$ 300

In the US, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women and Latinas.  But, you can give new life to these women when you help Nueva Vida so that it continues to offer comprehensive programs that serve the needs of a group of women who lacks access to cancer care.  Nueva Vida programs cover all the phases and steps of the cancer continuum starting on outreach & education to a thorough patient navigation, to mental health support and ending on additional research.

Likewise, any funds we raise for Nueva Vida will contribute to provide high quality services in the areas of cancer prevention and detection to the underserved Latino community. Nueva Vida has a network of radiology centers that provide free mammograms to poor or low-income women who cannot afford the high prices of these screenings.

Adopt our cause, and let’s together bring hope and new life to these women who need medical attention and care.
DONATE to Give Hope & Help

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